Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumn Fun

Utah State Fair

BoysIIMen performed at the Utah State Fair this know I had to go and relive my youth! Then we spent the evening playing games and going on rides. The man-folk had to prove themselves by winning cheap teddy bears, and us ladies ate everything in sight.

OH NOOOOO! don't worry, megan survived!

The men proving they are men



the spoils of war

on a safari

could I get any more glutonous? front of the funnel cake stand, holding a lemonade, teddy bear and cotton candy. what you don't see is the cake I inhaled just before washing it down with the disgusting cotton candy.........another fun year come and gone. Can't wait for next September

Chicago with Merr

Merrilee and I met in Chicago for the U2 concert in September......IT WAS AMAZING. NYC has long been considered my favorite city in the nation, but Chicago is now a competitor. What was amazing about this city is the culture, arts, architecture, food, entertainment and excitement is the same as in NY, the difference is Chicago is CLEAN and the people are so kind. It is Texas pride and friendliness mixed with New York life. I cannot wait to return. Merr and I had 3 days to explore, and it was not nearly enough. Here is a sampling of our latest adventure.

Architecture tour on a boat

Top of the Sears Tower....which now bears a different name.

Our man, Bono

The stage was INSANE. Apparently it took the crew a week to build.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A day after returning from France I took off with a bunch of my girlfriends to Vegas......the antithesis of Paris. To every yin there is a yang so it is only natural that I would balance out my cultural experience with a weekend of everything EXCEPT culture. These girls made this trip of my best Vegas experiences so far. Days at the pool, great dinners, fantastic shopping, and some of the best people I know. It doesn't get any better than this.

Along with Tricia's fear of flying is a major phobia of birds....this little sculpture terrified our poor girl who could not tell from far away (thanks lasik eye surgery) whether this was real or fake......maybe it's time for Tricia to go back to contacts! I don't think the surgery worked!

Two of my besties.....LOVE YOU GIRLS!

I am the weirdo in the sun, it's all about covering up and protecting my skin!

a fantastic breakfast

my sista from anotha motha



I cannot believe my 30th birthday has already come and gone....I am officially IN MY 30'S!!!!! To some this may not be frightening, but it sure is for me. This birthday was amazing, I pretty much had a 3 week celebration, which was great because it dulled the pain a little of all the new wrinkles sprouting up on my forehead, and alievated some of the embarrassment of my newly sagging bum...hehe. I rang in the new decade in Paris, the city of lights, a place I have always wanted to go. It was incredible and I am so grateful to have had this experience. There are a million pictures and it was really hard to narrow down which ones to share....but here is a small sampling of my trip.

View of the skyline

Goofing off on top of the Sacre Ceour

Eiffel Tower at night

This is the entrance to the catacombs....this was my favorite part of the trip. Partly because it was so different from anything I have seen in my life. After looking at thousand works of art and different buildings, it was fun to switch it up a bit.

Skulls within the catacombs

Jeff trying to figure how we got lost

This is the Thinker from the Rodin Museum, another one of my favorite excursions. Rodin is my favorite sculptor, seeing his art in this garden was amazing. It is a very small museum, but well worth the visit. My friend, Sam, bought me the book end replicas for Christmas a couple of years ago, it was great to see the sculpture in person.

Getting a blessing from one of my favorite authors, Victor Hugo......hopefully he blessed me with wisdom and youth!!!!!!!!!!!

View from top of Arc de Triomphe

I look quite insignificant!

View from my hotel room, I was literally a block from the Eiffel Tower